Thursday, November 27, 2014

Amazon Affiliate Options in Linking to Amazon Products

Amazon makes it easy to select and generate the various types of product link codes for your promotions.  In this post, we give some insight into the different types of linking to Amazon products, which gives you a lot of options when promoting a product.

Login to your Amazon account, click on Links & Banners tab, select the type of link that you want and follow Amazon instructions to create your links.  Your Amazon Affiliate ID will  automatically be included in all of the links generated. 

Product Links

  • You can build a link to any page at Amazon using their "Link to Any Page" tool.  Here is a working sample link for linking to Any Page for digital camera products.
  • You can create links to popular pages at Amazon using their Link to Favorite Products tool.  This working sample link takes you to Best Seller Camera products,
  •  Generate a product direct link to a product by selecting the product and use the ASIN/ISBN # to generate the code.  This is a sample "Product Direct Link" for a Sony Digital Camera.
  • Create links based on search-results, using Amazon's "Link to Search Results" tool. This is a great way to direct visitors to a long list of products related to your Web site's topic.
  • You have the option to generate Text Links only or Image Links or a combination of Text and Image in the form of a Widget.

Banner Links
You can select the kind of banners you would like to display on your site. For optimal performance, place the banners near the top of your most frequently visited pages. Banners created using Adobe Flash will not work on mobile devices.

  • Easy Links Banners - Easy Links are high-converting promotional and announcement banners that Amazon puts directly to your site. Amazon automatically rotates the banners each time your page is loaded, therefore, your pages will always look fresh. To create Easy Links, choose a size you want, and then copy the Easy Link code into the HTML code for your Web site.
  • Rotating Banners by Category - Rotating banners campaigns are sets of high-performing banner advertisements. Each time your page is viewed, the actual banner displayed will be chosen from the rotating banner set you selected.
  • Banner links by category - The Banner Links page provides a list of all Amazon product categories.  Select a category which fits your website topic, select the banner and size, then copy and paste the banner code into your website.
  • Product Specific Banners - In this example, Select Banner Links, Category and then select the banner and size to fit your website.  Copy and paste the banner code into your website.  This is also the same process to get Amazon Best Seller Banners.
  • Set and Forget Banners by Big Events & Festivals - Seasonal banners update based on the seasonally relevant promotions by holiday and/or category. Add the code once and Amazon will automatically display the latest seasonal events/offers, with no further updates needed by you!
Many Amazon Affiliates find that Text Links inserted in their content have the best conversions.

You should track and review the different types of linking you use in your website to determine which type is most effective.  Once you have determined this fact, then concentrate on this type of linking in all future promotions.  Amazon provides you the capability to create your tracking IDs and be able to see what works best. 

I don't want to influence your tracking, but many Amazon Affiliates prefer linking directly to the product page.

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  1. please help what kind of links could serve me better for my site: help me...would the seasonal events ads get changed as per new seasons to needed

    1. Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure if you are asking about using Amazon product links or some other.
      I will respond based on Amazon products.

      Amazon seasonal events ads will not change automatically with a new season.

      Perhaps you should take a look at Amazon Native Ads which are very easy to set up.
      Four to 8 products are automatically selected based on keywords you select for your ads.

      You can find more information and set up your ads here:

      To learn how to set up Amazon Native Ads, log in to your Amazon Affiliates account (or set one up at – check that your state allows affiliate sales). From the menu bar, select Product Linking, then Native Shopping Ads. There are three types of Amazon Native Ads:

      1. Search Ads – you can set search parameters
      2. Recommendation Ads – pick up on keywords within your blog post (Recommended Ads will change automatically)
      3. Custom Ads – you choose the items to display to your readers

      Hope this will help you with your question.