Friday, November 7, 2014

Major Tips to Making Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

If you have just become an Amazon Affiliate, before you start promoting products, you should become familiar with what many marketers consider The Golden Rule.  Actually, there are a handful of golden rules you should follow that will help you make money with Amazon.  In this Post, I will be touching on only 3 major tips. 

Golden Rule #1 - The products you choose should always be over $100.

Because Amazon’s commission is only 4% for the item that sells, it’s important to sell higher priced items if at all possible. That percentage can go as high as 8.25% if you sell sufficient product quantities. You will make more money when high priced products sell, compared to low priced products. Amazon allows you to sort by price making it easier to find the products you want to sell.

I feel there is one exception to this rule.  Perhaps someone just starting out can sell low priced products to build up the commission rate and then promote higher priced products for even higher commissions.

Golden Rule #2 - The products you choose should get a minimum of a 4 star review.

For marketing success with Amazon products, it is key for you to promote products that have good reviews. You will get a much higher conversion rate on products that have a good review. In today's buying world, people like to do a lot of research before they decide what they will buy. After all, it’s easy with the internet to review products and find the best products at the best price. Therefore, if you are promoting products that have a low review score, people simply are not going to buy them because they know that there are better options.   You can find the reviews on Amazon's product pages.

Golden Rule #3 - Always create a blog that’s like a review with only the best content and use text links, which readers prefer over widgets.
If you ask bloggers, who are successful with Amazon earnings, they will tell you that they do best when they do product reviews. That’s because people like to read reviews before they make their choice. The more compelling your review, the faster you will make Amazon commissions. It’s really that simple.

To start your review blogging, you do not even need your own website or hosting. You can start by using one of the blogging sites that host blogs.  The one thing that you should do is choose your name (Subdomain) to be close to the product name. For example, if you are promoting XYZ Treadmills then choosing a name like XYZ-treadmills would be wise.

Here is an example of how this XYZ Treadmills URL would look on Blogger:

Having a domain/subdomain name similar to your niche helps with your search engine optimization and that’s important for potential customers to find you, because this is what helps you rank well in the search engines. 

Here is a 4-star Amazon Affiliate Bible: Your Guide to Increasing Your Amazon Affiliate Conversions and Earnings

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