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Product Previews - A Portal into

Have you ever wondered how to give the visitors to your site more details about the Amazon products you advertise - without taking up more space?  Or, how to keep visitors on your site until they're ready to buy? If so, the Amazon Product Previews tool is the answer for your site!

Product Previews are a portal into,  directly from your Web site or Blog.  When users hover over a preview-enhanced link, either a text link or image link, a small window appears containing valuable content and information about the product you're advertising.  Test results show that visitors who see a Product Preview have high click-through and conversion rates -- helping you earn more advertising fees. To see a live Product Preview in action, hover over the image or text link below.  Then click to see the product details.

Image Link
Text Link

How does Product Previews work?

When a visitor hovers their mouse pointer over an enhanced text or image link, a small window will appear next to that link, which is the Product Preview. When a user's mouse is within the window, the window will remain visible. When they move their mouse outside of the window, the window will disappear. If a user clicks on the window, the window will remain visible until the user clicks the window's "Close" button. Users can also click and drag on the top border of the window to move it around your web page. 

How do I add Product Previews to my Web page?

Currently, Product Previews only work with Basic Display Product Links (text and image only).  Amazon indicates that support for other link types, including served links, may be added in a future release of their Product Reviews capability.

To build Basic Display Product Links, login to your account, go to Associates Central >> Build Links >> Product Links. Search and select the product you would like to add. Choose "Image Only" or "Text Only" links.  Follow the instructions on the page to add new links.  Your Amazon tracking ID will be included in the text and image links.

Adding the Product Previews Script - To put Product Previews on your site, paste the link preview script at the end of all pages on which you have Amazon image or text only product links. You will need to add (copy and paste) the Product Previews script to your web page to activate the links for the Product Previews when you hover your mouse pointer.  Amazon provides the Product Previews script code at the bottom of the Products Links page.

Note:  If using Amazon Product Previews script on your blog, you only have to insert the script code in your blog layout once, and any posts containing the Amazon text and image product links will show the previews.

The Product Previews script code should be inserted after your content and before your closing "body" tag (HTML code). If your site is built using templates, you can paste this code into the "footer" or other end-of-page template, just as long as it comes after your content and before the final "body" tag. Once the script is added to the page, all Basic Display Product Links on the page will be activated. 

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