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Creating Your Kindle Book

Today's post provides some tips on how to create your Kindle Book.

Deciding what to write about...

It's important to carefully do your research when selecting a topic, but if you have trouble in selecting a topic, go with something you have knowledge or passion about.

Don't worry so much about choosing the "right" topic that you never make a decision to start your book.  Once you start writing, many ideas will begin to flow.  Do a reasonable amount of research as to the kind of market or interest there may be in the topic, then go with it.  If you need some guidance to start publishing your book on Kindle, you can find it here.

Once you have come up with some ideas for a book and picked a topic, it is time to start creating your book.

Options for writing your book

You can write the book yourself or you can outsource it.

Option 1:  Writing it yourself

If you have a flare for writing, then writing it yourself is the ideal option, because it allows you to show your own personality throughout the book.  Also, it's more satisfying to publish a book that you personally authored.  Keep in mind that you need to make your writing interesting and informative.

Each writer has a certain personality which shows up in their writings and the reader connects with.  To make your writings interesting, it must have a voice of its own which the reader can relate to.  In order to make your Kindle book stand out, work on developing your personality into your writing.

Research your topic

If you want to write a well thought out book, you need to research your topic thoroughly. Thorough researching is every writer’s best friend. You cannot possibly get the details right unless you do the proper research. So, make it a point to ask people for ideas on your topic, read a lot and find out more about the topic or genre you wish to write on.

If you are writing an informational book, make sure that you have accurate details and information.  Layout the book so that it provides a flow of information to the reader.

If you're writing a fictional book, then create a good plot with strong characters.  The strength and virtues of the book will be in its plot and characters. Developing an interesting plot will keep your readers hooked. Create realistic and interesting characters, out of your imagination or interactions with different people. The more you keep your characters real, the more interesting your book will be.

Spelling and grammar must be accurate

This is too often overlooked, but the importance of good spelling and grammar is critical. When readers discover grammatical or spelling mistakes in your book, they will write you off as an amateur.  Make sure the spelling and grammar is accurate, whether you write the book or you outsource the writing.

We have complete guidelines to help you with your start-to-finish Kindle publishing.

Option 2:  Outsource the writing of your book
Don't think you're a writer? Here's how to get a Kindle book written without writing it yourself...

Not everyone has the desire or skill to write a book. It certainly can
take a lot of skill and patience to write an entire book, even if it's relatively short.

However, you don't have to be a writer in order to take advantage of Kindle publishing.  You can earn from publishing books on Kindle, even if you do not write them yourself.

On Kindle, you are basically a publisher.  In the traditional publishing world, one can easily tell the difference between the writer and the publisher. The writer is the one who puts together a book and submits the manuscript to the publishing house.  Here, the publisher is in charge of publishing the book and also making all the marketing and promoting efforts.

But, when it comes to Kindle publishing, these lines get blurred as you are self-publishing the book. Even if you write the whole thing, you are still responsible for the marketing or promoting tasks – without which your book will simply not sell. With Kindle Publishing, your main job is to be the publisher, therefore, your opportunity to earn without writing is right here.  Even though, as the publisher, you may need to market and promote your book, consider the broad audience for Amazon sales.

Get another writer to write your book

Have your book written by a ghostwriter.  Ghostwriting is a very popular service provided by a number of independent writers who can be found by searching for "ghostwriting" on Google or other search engines.  In simple terms, ghostwriting means that the ghostwriter writes the entire book to your specifications, but does not put his or her name on it.  Of course, you have to pay the ghostwriter their fee for writing the book.  Once the final draft is ready and approved by you, the book is ready to be published on the Kindle platform.

Make sure the writer you choose does justice to the book.  Before you contract with a ghostwriter, ask for references. The first few pages of a book are often given as a free sample on Kindle, to attract the readers who will read the free pages and want to buy the entire book. In order to sell more books on Kindle, the book has to be well written and attractive.

Marketing your book

Using a ghostwriter allows you to focus more on the marketing and promotion part of your book. You can focus more on giving the book a great title with an attractive cover.  Promote your forthcoming book through discussions about the book on social networking sites, discussion forums and blogs.

Once you have published your book to Kindle, you will need to promote it through email marketing, solo ads, social media sites and others.  Decide the price at which you would like to sell the book and the countries where you would want to make it available.  Regardless of whether you wrote the book yourself or used a ghostwriter, you will be able to increase your sales.

Once again, with the Kindle platform, it is now easier than ever for anyone to self-publish books.  Amazon's Kindle platform has opened up a whole world of opportunities to people who previously never thought of themselves as authors before.

If you want to get started quickly, here is a complete Guide on what you need to know about Kindle publishing.

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