Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Why Would You Want To Get Into Kindle Publishing?

As we have mentioned in an earlier post, publishing on Kindle is a very popular phenomenon nowadays. Experienced and newbie writers are opting to use the Kindle platform to publish their books.

But why would YOU want to get into Kindle Publishing?

Well, I can give you five good reasons...

1.  Kindle provides great guidelines for publishers

Self-publishers can convert their books into electronic format using Amazon's self-publishing tools and sell them on Amazon Kindle with Amazon's huge marketing program.

2.  You have complete control of your publishing

Publishing on Kindle is the best mode of self publishing you can
have. If you try to publish in the traditional way, you may have to wait for months, and possibly years, to get your manuscript approved and published. In the current world of publishing, the more you wait, the more money you will lose. This is not an issue if you use the Kindle platform for publishing your manuscript. At Kindle, you are self publishing your book, therefore, you do not waste your time running from one publishing house to another. You also have control over when you publish and making changes to the book whenever you need to.

3.  Kindle publishing is easy for everyone

Publishing on Kindle is as easy as it gets. You can get started whenever you wish and publish your book on Kindle in your own time frame. The tools provided are simple to understand. Amazon provides you with downloadable Kindle Publishing Guidelines on how to make your books available for the Kindle platform.

4.  You get decent royalty with Kindle Publishing

Hundreds of self-publishing authors are opting for Kindle, not just for its convenience of publishing, but for its worldwide reach. Kindle also gives you the opportunity to earn a good royalty on your published e-books. So, if you thought that publishing on Kindle would be a monetary loss, then you are mistaken.

5.  Kindle Publishing provides you a wide audience for sales

In todays world, people spend more time online than they do anywhere else. Most of us are digitally connected all the time, therefore, it makes sense to publish your book on a digital platform where many thousands of people log in everyday to check what's new. When you publish on Amazon Kindle, you can instantly market your book worldwide. If you decide to get into Kindle publishing to publish your book, then you will have instant access to the huge digital crowd and thereby reap the benefits.

Again, keep in mind Amazon's huge marketing program which will make your Kindle book available world-wide.

Perhaps you could get a higher royalty per sale of a traditional published book, but it takes much longer to publish.  In that same time frame, you can publish several Kindle books and start making money quickly.  Kindle publishing could provide you more overall income than traditional publishing.

To get started with Kindle Publishing, you may want to take a look at The Kindle Publishing Bible   which shows you how to sell more Kindle books on Amazon, with step-by-step instructions on self-publishing and marketing your books.  If you need the best viewer for reading Kindle books, you can get a Kindle Reader here.

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