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What An Effective Squeeze Page Should Look Like

You want to build a squeeze page to attract leads (potential customers) so that you can start building relationship with and share more about you, your specialty (skills or knowledge) and what you have to offer (or recommend) – a product, a service or maybe a training program.
So, let's start with the squeeze page itself as all traffic should be sent to the squeeze page. From there, the page can have a number of options, depending on it's purpose. Many marketers suggest that your squeeze page should always be an opt-in form.  Others may use an opt-in form on the Thank You page and not the squeeze page.

Below are 3 different examples of what a Squeeze Page can look like:

           Courtesy of LeadPages
Note that the example above does not have an opt-in form and has 2 clickable links (when many marketers suggest only one link), but in this example on the live squeeze page, both links point to the same URL which is essentially the same.  When using this type of squeeze page, the Thank You page should contain an opt-in form.

Courtesy of Squeeze Theme Review
Note that this second squeeze page example (above) includes video and an Opt-in Form.  I think this is a great combination.

The 3rd example (below) is the Squeeze Page I created for my free download of the Guide to Kindle Profits.
Courtesy of Conley Stallard - Click Here to see the live Squeeze Page

Note that this 3rd squeeze page example also includes an Opt-in Form.

Whether you're designing the squeeze page for a free newsletter or a product for sale, the page system you create should include a “one time offer (OTO),” which will compel them to take action – subscribe, buy, etc.  

The diagram below shows this squeeze page concept.

Once they subscribe or buy, the squeeze page system you create should then route them to an OTO, Thank You page and Back End sells.  The Thank You page is used to thank the visitor, of course, but here is where:
  • You provide the download link
  • Or tell them you will send the download link via email
  • Provide more paths through which you can up-sell
  • Or provide an opt-in form, if not on the Squeeze Page.
One quick way to up-sell is to simply include advertisements on your Thank You page for related affiliate products or for your own products. Here, again, you can give them a one-time offer.

Again, if you haven't yet asked them to join your mailing list on the squeeze page, you should do it on your Thank You page. Once they opt-in to your list, you now have a whole new avenue to promote your products and generate revenue.

An option is selling ad space in your newsletter or e-zine. The more people you have reading your newsletter, the more you can generally charge for ad space; however, you will want to avoid overselling to your list to ensure your advertisers actually make money.

Your next option is to endorse a product as an affiliate. You can tell your subscribers how someone has just created a brilliant product – and you can offer it to your subscribers through an affiliate link.

You may even want to use other products you have as bonuses to give them something extra.

The last and most profitable way in which you can generate revenue through your newsletter is by creating and selling your own products to your list.

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