Friday, June 26, 2015

Marketing to Your New List

Now that you have the basic setup for your marketing campaign completed (a squeeze page, a free information product, autoresponder, email followups created, and have built at least a small list of leads), it is time to start marketing to your list.

There are two simple ways to “communicate” with your list  One is through the “email followup," timed to go out at regular intervals from your autoresponder. You create the followup emails ahead of time, with information or even sales pitches, and schedule the emails to go out at timed intervals. When new members sign up to your list, they will receive these emails from you at various pre-determined times such as Day1, Day 3, Day5, etc.   I would recommend that you set up 20 to 25 followup emails for your timed sequence from your autoresponder.

Your followup email sequence should feed your leads with quality updates and information which will help them in their niche or internet marketing campaigns.  Also, you can slip in a few of your offers (not immediately), mostly of low-cost items at first, that your feel your list would be interested in.  Later, after you have established more rapport and trust with your list, you can offer more pricey items.

The second way to communicate with your list is through “blasts” or “broadcasts”  that you make as you present new offers. As you can see, having a list means you can contact your entire subscriber base whenever you want to. If you want to point them to your latest blog post, or you want to promote something special, these email blasts will be your main path for getting the message out to your entire list.  Of course, you can send out your "broadcast" emails while the followup email sequence is still active.

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It is my preference NOT to send out more than one of these per day, although some marketers send out 2 to 3 daily.  It's a good idea to send an email at least once per week, or your list members may lose interest and become non-responsive or unsubscribe.

You can expect some “unsubscribing” from your list with almost every single email you send, but don’t let that stop you from trying to build your list!  Remember, "the money is in the list."

This post has not touched on the criteria for your followup emails or free bonus product, but they should keep the theme of the niche you are promoting.

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