Have you ever dreamed of having a website ready to earn you money without lifting a finger?  No domain, no hosting, no ftp, no setup, no content writing, no link tracking?   Well, there is now an easy way to make your dream come true.

Now you can get your own professional, money making, completely done-for-you website - FREE!

This InstAffiliate review will show you what to expect if you decide to join as an Affiliate.

InstAffiliate (Instant Affiliate) will give you instant access to a fully monetized and proven-to-convert Affiliate Review website - FREE.  Your website is generated, including your Clickbank ID Code in all website links, when you initially signup.  It's as simple as Signup, Login, Get Your Links, Start Earning!

If you are not a Clickbank Affiliate, you can sign up FREE and create your account HERE.  You will need to have your Clickbank ID Code available when you sign up with InstAffiliate.  It is used to create your new website with the ID Code embedded in all the Clickbank affiliate links.

Besides the Free monetized website income potential, a second income stream is available when you become an InstAffiliate member.  You can earn $5 for each new, Free member you refer to InstAffiliate, a quick way to earn some money.

InstAffiliate also has an upgrade to a Premium member access where they will give you 5 monetized niche websites for a monthly fee.

The InstAffiliate websites are professional, completely Done-For-You systems.   After you signup, all you have to do is login, get the links to your website(s) and promote the products on the site.  InstAffiliate shows you how to share your website links and start collecting commissions.  They also build, manage and monetize a list for you.  You can request that the list be downloaded (in CSV format) to you on a monthly basis.

The InstAffiliate websites are loaded with high-paying Clickbank products in the trendiest categories.  Your Affiliate website(s) are optimized to promote highly converting info products with high payouts. Payments are made every 2 weeks by Clickbank!

The InstAffiliate website products are provided by Clickbank, the leading Digital Marketplace.  Clickbank could be described as the "Amazon" of Info products.

Perhaps, at this point, I should mention that I have been a Clickbank Affiliate since 2005, and I am very experienced with promoting Clickbank products.

As mentioned above, InstAffiliate has 2 categories of members, Free and Premium.  As a free member, you get 1 Niche affiliate website and as a Premium member, you get 5 High-In-Demand Niche websites.

InstAffiliate Cost
  • 1 Free Starter Website  (No cost)       
  • Premium member, $39 website set up and $29 monthly.                                      
  • Premium member, $129 Paid Annually – No website set up fees.
       Note:  Current Costs - which are always subject to change.
InstAffiliate Training
  •     Affiliate Marketing - 7 Module Video Course (learn at your pace)
           Use the training to quickly start earning commissions & learning
           Affiliate Marketing.
  •     Traffic Generation - 10 Module Video Course (learn at your pace
           Traffic Generation training will help you generate consistent income
           from your Review website(s).
Pros and Cons of InstAffiliate Websites

  •   A functional website is handed to you instantly and if you know how to
      drive traffic, then you can start earning from day one.
  •   Well-designed websites are done for you, hosted and populated with
      content written by experts.
  •   It is free to get started.
  •   The support is highly responsive.
  •   Click Bank is an established digital product market place.
  •   You get training on how to drive traffic continuously to the websites.
  •   You do not need to be a web designer to own a fully optimized and
      functional website.
  •  Instaffiliate Compensation Plan (New - February 2016):
    - Free Instaffiliate members get paid in coupon codes
      (for the first 10 free referrals) which can be applied
      towards upgrades or more Instaffiliate websites.
    - Paid members can refer an unlimited number of free members
      and earn $5 per free referral.
    - Paid members can also earn $20 for each free member
      who upgrades (ON TOP of the $5 for this lead!)
    - If a member later upgrades to the top tier membership level
      (Performance) they can earn up to $30 per new member.
  •   You do not own the websites or content… you are just putting your
      ClickBank links on an existing domain.
  •   It relies totally on Click Bank products and you don't have options to add
      other affiliate products.
Who should join InstAffiliate?
  • There is no cookie cutter program to make money online, so InstAffiliate may not be for everyone.  It is primarily for beginners and those who prefer to get things done for them without getting their feet wet.
  • If you failed to make any money using other affiliate programs, then this may work for you.
  • You don't have the knowledge to create websites and optimizing for SEO traffic.

I am a member of InstAffiliate and currently working with the Starter website for evaluation.  I have created many websites from scratch, so I am experienced in creating my own.  It seems that the Starter website has great design and good optimization for SEO.

InstAffiliate websites are a good way to go to have a monetized, optimized, and immediate earning capability, regardless of your experience.

Affiliate Marketing the InstAffiliate way is certainly worth checking out and may
be just what you are looking for.  Go to InstAffiliate to Join Free.